The historic train depot.

Your adventure begins in our authentic depot. You spend some time strolling through the depot shop and talking with our friendly and knowledgeable staff–getting the latest Kauai news directly from the locals.

Look! There are pineapples picked fresh this morning. Or perhaps you find that perfect gift for Uncle Fred…

While you’re in the shop you take the opportunity to meet your fellow passengers—we’re all family here at Kilohana.

You notice the many historic railway items on the lanai as well. There are reminders here of Kauai’s plantation past… and some substantial pieces of metal!

The train depot sits next to Luau Kalamaku (shh – don’t tell anyone, but it’s the best luau on Kauai) and Kōloa Rum Company.

Just across from the station you will see the main plantation house where there are many more shops and the fabulous Gaylord’s restaurant. Consider lunch or dinner at Gaylord’s after your train adventure for a perfect day.

You stroll out to the train platform savoring the tropical scents and the warm Kauai sun. In the distance you hear a whistle. That must be your train… it will be arriving soon.

With a nostalgic clatter and roar the engine pulls into the station. Your conductor gives you a hand up into a railway coach custom built of mahogany. As you look around, the conductor explains that your coach is modeled after the personal railway car of King Kamehameha. You notice the elegant details as you find your seat by an open window.

The train pulls out from the station and you are on your way.

Many wonderful things await you in the train depot shop.