The Journey

Your knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the plantation.

You begin your journey traveling through dense tropical forest and past plantation era houses. The sun dapples the ground and makes everything glow with a warm yellow light.

Soon you pull out into the working farm that is Kilohana Plantation. You conductor points out many of the more than 50 fruits and vegetables that are growing on the farm, including exotic varieties of pineapple, papaya, mango, and rambutan. The warm, clean scent of well turned earth and growing things wafts into your coach. The train winds through fields and past taro patches to your first stop…

and the most popular part of the trip for young and old alike… the farmyard.

Here you are enthusiastically greeted by herds of wild pigs, sheep, goats and the occasional horse or donkey.

You disembark to stretch your legs and soak up the peaceful farm atmosphere. Your conductor gives you bread–a treat for your farmyard friends. Go ahead, please DO feed the animals!

All too soon it is time to re-board for your homeward bound journey. You see new crops growing and some that you can now identify. Off in the distance you see a large red wagon pulled by a mighty Clydesdale. Another way to tour the farm. Looks like fun… perhaps another day…

On your return journey your conductor tells you more of local legends and lore as well as a few local Kauai secrets. You learn about Kauai’s history by being a part of it… you have experienced a slice of plantation life up close.

Friendly goats and other farm animals greet you as you stop to stretch your legs half way through your journey.