Giorgio's Gallery

Giorgio Naranjo has been painting since the age of 11 years. Born in Ecuador and having created art throughout Central and South America, Europe and the Orient, he has been a resident in the Hawaiian Islands since 1981 and has chosen the beautiful island of Kauai as his home and favorite subject to paint.

“Specializing in art & keepsakes of Hawaii and beyond”

Giorgio’s virtually new approach to capturing the beauty of Hawaii and beyond is his trademark. Called “Plein air”, Giorgio “sculpts” vibrant images with color. His paintings radiate unique dimensions and incredible depths. Giorgio’s Gallery also exhibits other artists, including some from Thailand and other regions of the Pacific.

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More than just paintings

Giorgio’s Gallery proudly offers a comprehensive collection of Original paintings, Bronze sculptures, Photography, Recycled metal sculptures, Surfboard art and functional art.

From the unmistakeable abstract plein art of Giorgio’s knife, to the strokes or original oil paintings and the metal machinations of giant elephants made out of recycled metal, Giorgio’s Gallery offers unique, authentic spectacular works of art that will be treasured keepsakes and souvenirs of the Pacific.

All pieces have been signed by the artist!

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